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Steps Involved in research


Charlton Solutions works with you each step of the research process.  Get your family history back on track today by following these easy steps:

  • Send the research form to CHARLTON SOLUTIONS, together with your payment.  Payment will be discussed on contact but an initial payment of 4-5 hours research is required due to the amount of work required to initially determine the research path and commence research activities. 
  • On the fact sheet page, there are additional forms which may prove useful to forward to CHARLTON SOLUTIONS as well, namely a Pedigree Chart or Family Group sheet.  You may email initial queries regarding the service through the Contact Us page.
  • CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides a one-one contact with you through email, phone or in person to identify your particiular genealogy research needs and requirements.  At this time, if you can provide as much information as possible eg. copies of certificates, copies of photos, copies of diaries or letters or even stories or names you have heard.  This all assists to reduce research time and duplication.   
  • CHARLTON SOLUTIONS collates and interprets existing material and develops a plan for the required research services and communicates this with you
  • CHARLTON SOLUTIONS identifies resources to conduct local, national and international research
  • CHARLTON SOLUTIONS accesses family history, library and archival records and interprets new data
  • CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides a report for you with research conducted and all findings

It is important clients understand that the research undertaken may not provide the requested results.  As frustrating as this may sound, it is a consequence of family history research.   Unintentionally, your family members may not have left a good trace of their lives.  Sometimes things such as handwriting in a ledger or parish register may be illegible, lost or at times, incorrect.  This research time must be paid for.  However, CHARLTON SOLUTIONS will provide reports that show all the research undertaken, both with positive and null results.

Simply email CHARLTON SOLUTIONS or complete the research form below:

 Research Form Fact Sheet 

Charlton Solutions Pty Ltd remains in contact with you on a regular basis to communicate research findings and proposed future research directions.

Charlton Solutions has provided an easy reference step-by-step guide to assist you in your initial research of your ancestors. 

 Genealogy Steps

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Management Consulting

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides a range of management solutions for corporations, government and individual clients.

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Genealogy Services

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides comprehensive genealogy research and reporting to meet the client's individual family history needs.

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Genealogy Record "Look Up"

Charlton Solutions now offers "look ups" for fellow researchers at The QLD State Library,  QLD State Archives and the QLD Family History Society

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